Thursday, November 11, 2010

Plain old, grey socks

I am attempting to knit something that I never thought I would ever attempt to knit: a pair of socks.

Okay, so most knitters openly admit to knitting socks on a regular basis. I've read other blog posts about knitters who love to knit socks, who talk about different techniques, who make beautiful lacy creations that I am jealous of. But I never thought I would see the day that I was this far along my very first pair of socks.

I'm knitting them for my grampa.

Why was I always hesitant to knit socks before? Because there are two. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a starter of projects. I have hats still on the needles. I have granny squares in purple, knitted squares in baby pink and yellow. I can go through my stash at any given moment and find projects that I have forgotten all about. Clearly having to knit TWO of something (with the option to get distracted) would not be a very good idea. HELLO LOST SOCK BIN!

But here I am already almost finished the second sock. It's a beautiful pattern that I found at Knitting Pattern Central. It's a basic pattern for Men's Socks. There are several patterns called Men's Socks or similar. I chose this one because it was on four needles, and did not require me to use the magic loop technique (and force me to go out and buy yet another needle, when I know that I have a needle to do magic loop somewhere and I can't find it).

I have learned a few things about sock knitting like that it was easy to start the second sock. Knitting socks is challenging and rewarding. After I worked one heel and one toe, I was ecstatic to have to do the next one. Once I saw that my creation really actually looked better than a regular store-bought sock, I was already mentally making a list of who else I could make a pair of socks for.

But perhaps I should just focus on getting this project finished before I cast on to another set of needles.

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    I think those socks look fabulous. Very cozy :) Can't wait to see them when you're done!