Friday, December 3, 2010

The countdown has begun

Well I may not be as extreme as Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (the Yarn Harlot), but I am beginning to count the days left until Christmas and I keep thinking: "Uh oh...well if I sit at home all day Saturday, I may be able to finish this gift so that I can start the other gift next week. OR I could finish Saturday and start another smaller gift on Sunday and finish that on Monday leaving me all next week to work on my other projects."

Pearl-McPhee explains in her first book "Yarn harlot: the secret life of a knitter" that she casts on to several needles at a time around Christmas and works each one for a bit and moves onto another. Of course by the time she is in panic mode she is thinking about pulling all night-ers. That would be a very, very bad idea for me considering that I'm just getting back into the game. I'm only knitting for an hour or two at a time, which means that any presents that I have to make are slow-going.

And it just so happens that I'm only on my first present and I have the next three days off, with nothing to do but a little housework and some baking.

I will not resort to buying back-up gifts until closer to Christmas. There is still plenty of time right? RIGHT?

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